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Neil Young

Fresh off a brain aneurysm, Neil Young gives the right wing an earful, clobbering our befuddled Decider-in-Chief with a righteous bitch slap that exceeds 40 minutes. Leave it to Johnny Rotten's favorite hippie -- a Canadian with health care, no less -- to hold up the mirror, cluck his tongue and say "Look what you've let yourself become, good sir." But after all of that hawkish "Let's roll" nonsense, even ol' Shakey was due for a change of heart, eh? Bashed together in nine days with mariachi trumpets and a 100-piece choir, Living With War rekindles the '60s-era spirit of protest with urgency, purpose and the kind of dirty, ringing guitars that haven't been heard since Zuma or Tonight's the Night. Our cranky elder statesman probably won't convert any Nixon sympathizers or Alan Jackson fans this go-round. The rest can expect a satisfying selection of rousing campfire sing-alongs, including "Shock and Awe," "Let's Impeach the President" and "America the Beautiful."
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John La Briola