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Artist: Neil Young Title: Le Noise Release date: September 28 Label: Reprise

Neil Young is a first-rate iconoclast and one of the few successful rock artists who has remained truly uncompromising throughout his long and storied career. Of course, uncompromising can result in inconsistency, something that has followed Young around for the better part of three decades. Still, he's Neil Young and he's not to be ignored.

The folks at his label, Reprise, must have simply shaken their heads when Young told them he was going to make a record with absolutely no commercial appeal, a record featuring him (no band, no rhythm section) playing loud and dirty electric guitar and super-producer Daniel Lanois throwing in some electronic bleeps, bloops, and loops on top of it all.

Young revisits his two most favorite themes, love and war, throughout Le Noise (there's even an acoustic tune called "Love and War"), and he seasons them with reflection on the past and a sense of unsentimental nostalgia ("When we both have silver hair / And a little less time / But there's still our roses on the vine," he sings on the record's best song, "Sign of Love").

Le Noise is essentially a Neil Young and Crazy Horse record, but with Crazy Horse nowhere to be found. Lanois, the guy behind a lot of U2 records, smooths some of the rough edges off of Young's severely overdriven guitar sound and takes some of the bite out of his nasally falsetto. And that's where the record slightly stumbles: a polished Neil Young is a less-potent Neil Young.

Still, if you like Young's "godfather of grunge" output, Le Noise is a must-hear. If you favor his "godfather of Americana" stuff, you should probably just wait till his inevitably softer next record.

Neil Young - Sign Of Love by Ernesto Coss

Best song: "Sign of Love" Rotation: Medium-heavy Deja Vu: Old-timers that still rock I'd rather listen to: Young's post-heyday masterpiece, Ragged Glory, recorded with the awesome Crazy Horse in 1990. Grade: B+

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.