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Neon Trees and Paper Tongues Bring Fans Out to Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino

Paper Tongues and Neon Trees played a very interesting venue last night for their show -- the Ovations Live! Showroom at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino.

Tons of fans (including The Summer Set's Jess Bowen) made it out to Chandler to show their support and were quick to live Tweet throughout the show.

Read on for some fans' takes, and read our review here.

@eilonwya10- Wild Horse Pass Casino: very promising venue. Bar in the theater, seats w/ cupholders, and I'm 10 feet from stage, center. Paper Tongues = rock + hip hop. Lead singer is amazing with audience. Headliner did not soundcheck before show, is doing it before first song? Please let this be schtick, not for real. After first song, that is; and I think it is a schtick. So far, Neon Trees' one radio hit sounds nothing like the rest of what they're playing. Indie rock rule #281: If you must vomit in corner of stage, please do not include this fact in banter. Second time band has told casual fans we're unwelcome. At #3, I'm walking out. And for 3rd time, frontman refers to non-uberfans as "chaff." Screw this pretentious b.s. I'm outta here.

@thejessset- Neon trees, Paper Tongues show! Just got asked if I was "actually 18".. I didn't think I looked THAT young.

@ericpetermann- The drummer from Neon Trees looks like La Roux. I got to admit the chic drummer for Neon Trees can lay a beat down.

@killermuses- The singer of Neon Trees should be careful with wrapping that microphone around his neck #chokinghazard

@trASHLEIGH- Omgggg Neon Trees, you are amazing!!!!

@Hardkore_3- @neontrees FREAKING AWESOME SHOW! Thanks for coming to az.

@TweetPapo- At the @NeonTrees concert. Opening band was @PaperTongues they rocked the house. The lead singer had a good stage presence (&dorky dancing)

@nandelfinger- Still reveling in @tylerinacoma's stage presence - amazing, amazing show! Appreciated the realness & enthusiasm the band showed!

@AtrainAZ- @neontrees Wow- that guy's a douche bag. Just kidding...excellent show. I'm impressed. Go Utes.

@bekkah_boo- This is for @tylerincoma! He is a sexy beast! Most certainly not a douchebag! @neontrees rocked it tonight!

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