New Age Duo Blues Control Escapes From New York with Valley Tangents

Blues Control duo guitarist Russ Waterhouse and pianist Lea Cho travel the spaceways of indie rock on an undulating platform of psychedelia, electronic, jazz, prog, and new age conventions. The combined result is music that flows from blissful quiet to hypnotically droning to feedback-drenched loud, with any number of random interludes--from jazzy to proggy to spacey--tucked in the middle.

Now based in rural Pennsylvania, the band escaped New York City for a quieter place to get loud, but also free themselves to unencumbered experimentation. The result is Valley Tangents, the band's fourth album.

Up On The Sun reached Waterhouse and Cho at their home and studio, where rabbits hop across the yard and the sun actually shines as the pair discuss their musical outlook, making the new album, escaping NYC, and how Blues Control brings it all to life on stage.

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Glenn BurnSilver
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