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New Air Single -- "Do the Joy" + Free Download

Those fine French folks that call themselves Air have offered their newest single, "Do the Joy," from their forthcoming album Love 2 (awesome title) on iTunes for free. All you have to do is go to the band's website at, wait for the little animation and sign up for your free iTunes download code. What are you waiting for? Go download and be merry. I will offer some thoughts on the tune after the jump.

The song kicks off with some heavy rock guitars, a fun departure for the band, that bleed into a Halloween-esque, squiggly synth line. In comes the piano -- that soft, gentle touch of keys that made the band's album Moon Safari such a bastion of 60's era soft piano ballads splayed over songs about stars, sexy boys and making it easy. 

A croaky, fuzzed out vocal then gives way to light, airy vocals imploring us to "do the joy." Overall, the song is undeniably Air -- something that seems like it makes all the sense in the world, yet is something we should never take for granted. "Do the Joy" mixes in Moon Safari vocals with Talkie Walkie and 10,000 Hz Legend instrumentals. As it stands, the single seems to be a perfect indication of just what Love 2 will be. Talkie Walkie may be tough to outdo, but I have faith that those plucky French boys will give us something to immensely enjoy once the album is released. 

Thanks to the fine folks at stereogum for bringing this to my attention.

Love 2 is out 10/06 on Astralwerks.

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Michael Lopez