Matt Lloyd, Ben Hedlund, Cassandra Clark, and Seth Boyack of New Chums.EXPAND
Matt Lloyd, Ben Hedlund, Cassandra Clark, and Seth Boyack of New Chums.
Ryan D. Clark

New Chums Are Anything But Dispensable

In a vending machine at Arizona Sports Complex in Glendale, in the C5 slot next to the gummy bears, you’ll find New Chums.

It’s not a new snack brand. It’s the work of local indie rock band New Chums, who cleverly executed a bit of unorthodox distribution of the band’s debut EP, See It For Myself.

“Our bassist’s husband has a few vending machines around town and he thought it would be funny to put them in there,” singer/guitarist Seth Boyack says. “I guess at this point, beggars can’t be choosers.”

This scrappy band have charted their destiny pretty much every step of the way. The members of New Chums are transplants, each coming to Phoenix thanks to job transfers, family, or just wanting to leave their hometowns.

After relocating from California, Boyack went to Craigslist to look for local bandmates. That’s where he met drummer Ben Hedlund from Boston. After a year of testing out lineups, they put out another call on Craigslist and found guitarist Matt Lloyd from Nashville. Soon after, they met bassist Cassandra Clark, who finally rounded out the New Chums sound.

“[She] submitted a killer bass track audition to ‘Come On, Come On.’ It was love at first listen,” Boyack says.
The group started playing shows, opening for bands like Eve 6 and Unwritten Law and alongside locals like Small Leaks Sink Ships, Paper Foxes, Harper and the Moths, Wyves, and Harrison Fjord.

The band went into the studio earlier this summer, posting up at Flying Blanket in Mesa to work with producer Bob Hoag (Dear and the Headlights, Jared and the Mill, Gospel Claws).

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“Bob is nothing short of a musical genius, and we’re thrilled with how the album turned out,” Boyack says.
The See It For Myself EP, which came out earlier this month, is as energetic as it is expansive. It drives relentless riffs over fast-paced drums and anthemic melodies, encapsulating the forever summer the band found by making Arizona home base.

The New Chums’ upcoming show on October 27 for Monster Ball at The Nile is sure to be equally bombastic, a dynamic Boyack and the band take seriously.

“We take a lot of pride in our performance and our goal is to sound as close to our recordings as possible — only bigger and more vibrant,” he says.

New Chums play Monster Ball at The Nile on Friday, October 27, with The Edisons, El West, Luau, and more. Tickets are available for $10 on Ticketfly.

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