New Downtown Online Resource: CenPho.tv

In our new Blogroll on the right, there's a new link to CenPho.tv.

CenPho.tv is a new podcast and downtown resource. Each week, downtown residents Dave Brookhouser and Jacqui Johnson film and upload a podcast that is an update on major events downtown. What I like best about it is that their podcast is general in scope and short enough to digest easily (each coming in at only five or six minutes). Each week, they profile major news events, politics, art happenings, and local music.

In an e-mail, Jacqui described the project: "It truly is a labor of love, and we want to be something that's really useful and relevant to the people that are here . . . We don't want to talk about who got murdered last night or where a house burned down, or anything that HAS happened. We want to tell people what IS happening, now and in the future, and how they can be involved and connected."

I could not agree with the attitude more. Too often in this town, people spend time talking about what has already happened (or worse, complaining about what they missed) that they miss what is going on.

Right now, the podcasts are raw, and they have completed only about a dozen. But Jacqui said, "As far as future plans, right now we're just focused on increasing our quality and building goodwill and relationships with the community."

In this week's podcast, you can get information on Mickey Rourke's new/old movie premiering in Phoenix, news on Phoenix Country Club's discrimination lawsuit, the parking meter rate increase, proposed consolidation of elections, as well as a list of upcoming events this week.

Click here to get links and more info to all the stories this week.

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