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New Earps Mp3 "One Girl" (Exclusive!) and a Q&A with Singer "Hotwheels" McGregor

Lots of local bands have managed to put out an album. When it comes to local bands who have put out more than one album, the list gets exponentially smaller. The Earps are about to join that semi-prestigious multi-album club with their forthcoming sophomore effort, Get a Room.

Get a Room is the Phoenix cowpunks' follow-up to 2007's Here Come the Earps, and is the first Earps album to feature new guitarist "Denver" Dane. The boys just finished mastering the new disc and were kind enough to hook us up with an advance copy. The official release date is still pending, but Up on the Sun readers can take an exclusive first listen to a track from the upcoming album below.

We also have a Q&A with Earps frontman (and aspiring Playgirl model) "Hotwheels" McGregor about recording the new album, the rigors of touring, and his highly anticipated predictions for the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

Up on the Sun: What's the lowdown on Get a Room? Where, when, and with whom did you record it? Do you have a release date set?

Hotwheels: We started on it over a year ago, but to make a long story short: over Christmastime 2009 at Full Well studios with the sexy Mike Bolenbach pushing buttons. The release date was supposed to be March 30, but that obviously will be pushed back about another month or two, I suppose. I'm just the frontman. They don't tell me shit.

UOTS: This is your first album since "Denver" Dane joined the band. Did he contribute to any of the songwriting? How does it sound different from the first album?

HW: I think he could be a legit Nashville session player. He makes us all better. Last album we may have hid behind "full" Marshall stacks to cloak deficiencies. Now, dare I say it, we are debatable bona fide musicians and now only hide behind "half" stacks.

UOTS: You've been playing some "fundraising" shows lately. What's up with those? Did you guys just run out of beer?

HW: Ummm . . . we are still playing fundraising shows. As a band, we are as broke as can get and gotta pay for studio time somehow. They are fun and it's back at the good ol' Rogue East, where live rock bands should have always been. It's either these shows or we'll have to send Georgie and Matt to go work at the massage parlors. Again.

UOTS: Will there be a world tour to support the new album?

HW: Good question. I assume if it's anything like last time, we will hit the road again. But truth be told, I'd rather pound my cock flat with a wooden mallet than live in a van again.

UOTS: Who are you predicting to win Dancing with the Stars this season?

HW: Chad Ochocinco, without hesitation. Call your bookie; he will take it. If you ever YouTube his TDs, his footwork is exceptional. Samba. Calypso. Waltz. He can even riverdance, for christ's sake. He can perform well under pressure and is widely known for flamboyancy -- and you can't suck when you do that. An all-around showman and will absolutely destroy everybody.

I'm also rooting for Buzz Aldrin. He walked on the fucking moon. Imagine what he can do on Earth. I'm hoping for a wardrobe malfunction with Pam Anderson and for Shannen Doherty to fall on her face in hopes it may straighten out that eye-thing she has going on. Everybody else is chum.

Catch The Earps live at the following local shows:

Saturday, March 27, at Hollywood Alley in Mesa

Thursday, April 1, at the Rogue East in Scottsdale

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