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New Flaming Lips Video For "See The Leaves" Documents Yellow Vagina Rays

​What will Wayne Coyne & co. do for an encore? Make another trippy, NSFW video -- this time with vagina rays! That's right, the newest video from The Flaming Lips, for their song "See The Leaves," follows a cheery, blindfolded and completely naked young lady as she parades around town slinging scribbly, yellow rays out of her lady business. It's all in a days work for a band such as The Flaming Lips, who now have an interconnected series of videos featuring a giant vagina orb -- starting with "Watching the Planets" and progressing through "Powerless" and "The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine."

The Flaming Lips truly make music writing fun -- it's not often I get to use the word vagina, and the last time I used it, I got over 200 angry comments. Watch the almost clean but still NSFW video for "See The Leaves" after the jump.


Embryonic is out now via   Warner Bros.

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Michael Lopez