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New Found Glory @ Marquee Theatre

Mainstream pop punk fizzled out as a commercial prospect when the Hot Topic demographic traded in their Hurley T-shirts and baggy shorts for guyliner and skinny jeans. But no one passed the memo on to New Found Glory, who have stayed true to the brash, poppy force that defined the band during its "Hit or Miss" glory days. Their seventh record, Radiosurgery, goes back even further than the mall-punk outburst of the early 2000s. "We wanted to go back to the roots of pop punk music. We started listening to more old Green Day and old Ramones records," says guitarist Steve Klein. "We wanted to bring that back with New Found Glory's style and also as a throwback." Radiosurgery debuts two days before the band hits the road for the "Pop Punk's Not Dead" tour, which celebrates the early years of the genre. "Bands are too worried about their look and their production on stage [rather] than making quality music. Back then, it was so new and raw that people just wanted to play shows and write cool songs," Klein says. "Only the real bands, the people who work hard, and the [bands that make] real music stick around."

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Melissa Fossum
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