New Green Day Video, Jim Adkins Benefit Show, Nine Inch Nails Disturbs

Electric Mustache: mp3: Little Dragon "Feather"
Idolator: Well, Slap Me Silly And Call Me A Lamestain: Gen X Radio Debuts
Pitchfork: The Stooges Reunite With Raw Power Guitarist James Williamson
Rolling Stone: Green Day Set Next "Breakdown" Video, More "Idiot" Performances
So Much Silence: Sept. 17: Jim Adkins + Source Victoria for LLS
Spin: Michael Jackson's Body Laid to Rest
Spin: Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3': A Track by Track Review
State Press: Play brings freshman woes to center stage
Sound of the City: The NYDN Admits the Error: The Roxanne Shante Story "Contained Several Statements That Were, Or May Be, False."
Heard Mentality: Top 5 Most Disturbing Nine Inch Nails Videos! (Totally NSFW!)


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