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New Hot Chip Only Available At Indie Stores

Hot Chip's "Ready For The Floor" is my favorite song of the moment, so I was interested to learn that the band's next project, an EP with Robert Wyatt and Geese is scheduled to come out on Jan. 27. If you want it, though, you're gonna have to go in to a (gasp!) record store.

And not Target, either. An actual record store, those weird shops that smell like incense and sell only music of various mediums along with posters and hackey sacks. It's part of an initiative by Think Indie "a consortium of independent record retailers determined to bring true music lovers back to the stores that make a difference."

So where can you buy the new Hot Chip? Click here for a full list of locations nationwide, or drop by Stinkweeds or Zia here in the 'Nix... If someone could then rip it and send me a .zip with the files that'd be great, thanks.

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Martin Cizmar
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