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New House Shows in Phoenix Arts District: Do House Shows Matter?

It looks like Phoenix DIYers are getting a new house to see shows at, this one at 9th Street and Pierce, very near the so-called "Arts District." The headliner is Lenguas Largas, a Tucson lo-fi indie act.

There's still a month until the show, which leaves plenty of time for it to be canceled because neighbors, the landlord, or a rogue roommate to bitch enough to get this show, and any future shows, scrapped. That's my problem with the house show thing: It's beautiful but always ephemeral, making for the very best memories you'll ever have of any show but also necessitating slavish dedication to the scene to stay on top of. There aren't more than a couple hundred people in a city like this who'll ever step foot in there.

Factory Made Future finds reason to be optimistic given this development. Your thoughts? Can a quality venue for house shows really make a difference or do we need bars, galleries and the like to really get anywhere?

STORY: Phoenix Gets New House Venue

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