New Lady Gaga Video "Alejandro" Celebrates the Bowl Cut, Madonna circa 1987

Is your name Alejandro? Well, your life's about to change thanks to Lady Gaga and her new, 8-minute plus long video for her song "Alejandro." Always one to have fun with the medium of music video, Gaga has once again proven how important she is to popular music.

Now, "Telephone" this newest offering ain't, but it's still a provocative little piece of imagery that demands a viewing, even if Lady Gaga isn't exactly your cup of tea. Simulated sex, token religious imagery and Moe Howard-esque bowl cuts are abound in the video itself. There's also a pretty interesting concept for a bra, but I don't want to give it away, now, Anthony Keidis, so just watch the video and see for yourself.

And there you have it, your run-of-the-mill Lady Gaga video. She's pushed the damn envelope so far that something like this can seem a little tame by her own bizarre standards. That being said, it's still entertaining as hell. I have to respect what Gaga does for the medium of music videos -- she is single-handedly keeping them alive with her vivid imagery and ballsy concepts.

I'm no expert, but I think Madonna was a bit of an influence this time around. The song itself sounds like "La Isla Bonita," that infectiously annoying Madonna song from her 1986 album True Blue. Heavy were the Spanish influences for Madge then, and heavy are the Latin/Spanish names this time around for Gaga. Seriously, if your name is Alejandro, things are either going to get super annoying or pretty fun for you in the next few months.

Perhaps this video's greatest achievement is the celebration of the (thankfully) dead early to mid-1990s haircut, the Bowl Cut. Gaga's backup dancers are all sporting the 'do (I see you, Mark from SYTYCD Season 4) and I, for one, think it's right about time for an ironic, high fashion/hipster revival of the awful, low-maintenance haircut. Hell, if anyone has the balls and clout to pull off such a move, it's Lady Gaga.

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I will say this: Lady Gaga kicks ass at making music videos. I have always applauded her for taking a stance on the being odd/pretty weird front, yet she remains bold as hell and has the gumption to make a career out of it. I just loathe the idea that her fame is the sole reason we have jackasses like Ke$ha running around, but she sucks whole-heartedly, and she can burn in hell. It's unfair we must compare this video to "Telephone" and all that is, but the video for "Alejandro" has its own quirky, dark little charm.

Now let's just sit back and watch AK-47 bras permeate modern culture somehow.

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