New Phoenix Eatery For Hip-Hop Heads Discovered By So Much Silence

Our man Kevin Murphy at So Much Silence is probably the biggest hip-hop head you'll find in this town -- at least when it comes to the obscure East Coast stuff of the mid-90s. So it's no surprise that he correctly named the inspiration behind The Main Ingredient, a new-ish cafe/ale house in downtown Phoenix.

"It's no coincidence the eatery - owned by Matt and Courtney Diamond - shares the same name as second (and final) full-length by influential hip-hop duo Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth,"
Murph writes. "It crossed my mind when I first heard the name of the place, but I didn't connect the dots until I saw Matt Diamond wearing a Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth T-shirt when I ate there a few weeks ago. My compliment on the shirt earned me a drink on the house. (Apparently, I was only the second person - the other being a friend of his - to identify the inspiration behind the restaurant's name. Countless years of hip-hop listening finally pay off!)"

Murph digs the music at the place, much of it from hip-hop's so-called golden age (an East Coast idea I don't subscribe to) and also credits the establishment for playing a song by Supermarket, a Tempe group he blogged about five years ago. (Check out the post number on that link... 18!)

"About the only thing better than the music is the reasonably priced food," an obviously smitten Murph says. "Some of which even has a hip-hop theme, like the Charli 2na sandwich, and a bar that features an impressive wine and beer list (eight microbrews on tap). My wife and I split the The Red Goat salad and the RB & C sandwich."

Coming soon: The new All Souled Out sneaker shop in Scottsdale?

If you want to hear the song that inspired the name head over to So Much Silence for an Mp3.

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Martin Cizmar
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