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New Source Victoria Getting Hype From Jim Adkins (And The Band's Blood Relatives)

Source Victoria's forthcoming record has been getting a lot of hype around the interwebs. First Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World fame took to his band's message board to promote the release and encourage fans to donate to its recording. (Sadly only three comments on that thread so far.) Now they're bringing out the really big guns: Murph.

So Much Silence blogger Kevin Murphy is a consummate professional who usually avoids promoting his brother's band, but their latest demo, "Acetylene Torch Song," prompted him to post. Here's what he says -- and, again, it is his brother's band he's talking about...

"My iTunes library is loaded with ruffs, roughs, demos, rough demos, edits, bad mixes, no-bass mixes, etc. I have about three rough versions of a song called "Congratulations," none of which may ever see the light of day - which would be a shame (HINT) - but I still relish and listen to all of them. As the band prepares to head into the studio next week (!) with producer and Grammy-winning engineer Chris Testa, they're offering a new demo for all our ears, a track called "Acetylene Torch Song". Unlike a recently heard demo, "Black Luck, Black Label" (a song whose finished product I'm really looking forward to), Acetylene Torch Song dials back the intensity, wrapping the warm vocals with just the right touch of instrumentation."
Are you listening boys? Finish "Congratulations," and maybe scrap "Black Luck, Black Label" since, reading between the lines, it's pretty obvious your bro is just trying to be nice. This "Acetylene Torch Song" sounds like it's definitely worth listening to, though.

You can hear it here. You can also check out "The Grand Tour" of the band's practice space which we just did a few weeks ago here.

Oh yes, and the band has a show tonight at Teakwoods (28th St. and Indian School in Phoenix).

"You should probably go," Murph says... as though he has any other option.

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