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Nice Young Lady Norah Jones Announces Tour, Includes Phoenix

Much has been made about why certain big name musicians skip Phoenix on their large-scale North American tours. Phoenix once was the jumping off point for the Fame Kills Tour, featuring both Kanye West and Lady Gaga. West's loud mouth put the kibosh on that tour, and when Lady Gaga decided to tour by herself, Phoenix was left off her list. John Mayer recently announced his latest tour with Phoenix nowhere to be found. Worry not, you fans of Grammy-nominated artists, because Norah Jones has just announced her latest tour, with a plush April 25 date at Phoenix's Dodge Theater. We can all breathe a little easier now knowing that at least one musical juggernaut considers Phoenix worth their time, although that doesn't help the recent rash of Phoenix venues closing. Jones chose Phoenix as one of her dates for her massive spring tour, in support of her newest album The Fall, which was released last week. Jones' April show gives Phoenix a new hope for the rapidly approaching new year and its slew of soon-to-be announced shows, but it sure doesn't fix Phoenix's inability to book other numerous acts.

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Michael Lopez