Nicki Minaj Proves Why Parents Should Treat Their Kids Well

Nicki Minaj's tell-all documentary, My Time Now, aired on MTV on Sunday night. She told even more in the new issue of Rolling Stone.

In the documentary she discussed her crack addicted father and child abuse, and being raised by her grandparents for quite some time. In the article she talked about lying about her sexuality to get more attention, and further opens up about her father.

Nicki used to pray that she would become rich so that she could take care of her mother. Comfortable with sharing some deep stories, she revealed that her violent father once set her house on fire while her mother was inside. For whatever reason, her parents still live together.

For obvious reasons, her father prefers that she not share stories like that, but she's cool with telling the world about her past anyway. This led Nicki Minaj to shout out a special message to fathers based on her experiences as a child.

Treat your kids well and don't abuse them, especially just in case they become famous, Nicki Minaj said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

"Maybe one day your daughter will become famous and talk to every magazine about it, so think about that, dads out there who want to be crazy," Minaj said.

Check out part of the documentary below:


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