Night Train: Dorsey/Apache Boulevard (Stop #24)

Where: The Lucky Devil (1212 E. Apache Blvd., Tempe, 480-446-7468, one block West of the station.

Drink: The "Shot Ski" for $5 and up, depending on your booze of choice.

Scene: Dunno if you've heard the news, but college kids have been known to tie one on from time to time (shocking, we know). As a result, it's no surprise that the joint's around ASU find interesting ways to get their patrons drunk. Hence, the Lucky Devil's "Shot Ski," which consists of three separate shots in a row on a large water ski. Try it with a couple of your bro's, or attempt to get a pair of hotties to join you in the mass alcohol consumption. The bar also features poker on Fridays and karaoke on Saturdays, in case you'd like to sing off key or play some cards between rounds with the "Shot Ski." Also check out $1.50 PBR cans daily from open until close, and $2.50 well drinks daily until 7 p.m. --Benjamin Leatherman

Night Train will appear here every day until December 27, when the Metro opens. For more about our light rail bar crawl project check out our first Night Train post.

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