Night Train: Price-101 Freeway/Apache Boulevard (Stop #27)

Where: Bill's Market (2422 E Apache Blvd.) is a 30 second walk from the stop, directly north of the station.   

Drink: Four MaXed Citrus. We'd never even heard of it before dropping by Bill's, but it's badass: A 16 oz. can of caffeinated malt liquor with a hefty 10% ABV for the bargain rate of $1.89.

Scene: Not every stop on the new light rail system has a bar within walking distance, so, from time to time we'll be bringing you to places like Bill's Market. Bill's is an old school neighborhood bodega with a pay phone (huh?) out front and a herd of stray cats around back. It's decorated with a nice assortment of softball trophies and sells snacks, Mexican sodas, malt liquor, beer and something called beer salt, which you've probably never heard of unless you've got mucho street cred. They're open until 9 every day but Sunday, when they close at 6. We'd suggest getting there before dusk.

Night Train will appear here every day until December 27, when the Metro opens. For more about our light rail bar crawl project check out our first Night Train post.

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