Night Train: Smith-Martin/Apache (Stop #26)

Where: El Pueblo Meat Market at 2085 E. Apache in Tempe. You're going to have to make about a five-minute walk from the stop, which, after only two stops and two drinks, should be doable. 

Drink: When you find yourself peering into a meat market looking for a drink, you know you've hit rock bottom. Luckily that's where clams live. For stop numero 3 we're going to suggest picking up a Clamato and a Budweiser chaser for the tidy sum of a few bucks. 

Scene: There may be worse places to drink, but I haven't seen any. There is less than much scenery to speak of outside the joint, and inside, you're going to look a little peculiar two-fisting a clammy concoction in one hand and a brew in the other. Our suggestion: Drink your drink, but do it quickly, then get back on the train. 
--Jonathan McNamara

Night Train will appear here every day until December 27, when the Metro opens. For more about our light rail bar crawl project check out our first Night Train post.

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