Niki’s Weekend Word: Summer of Sound, Rocky Horror, and The Lopsided World of L

By Niki D’Andrea

This weekend was full of fun (and rain). Friday, July 11, the New Times Summer of Sound jazz show took place at the Brickhouse Theatre. I was not there for personal reasons (a close friend had a medical emergency in the family), but I heard the event was smooth and groovy. Props and thanks to all the local acts that played the show -- Jazz Robot, Eric Rasmussen, Music for Bowlers, and Jiggle -- and headlining act, the B-Side Players.

Speaking of Summer of Sound, the next show will be the “experimental” show on Friday, July 18 at Papillons Too (formerly Cell Block in Mesa), featuring headliners Estradasphere Trio, and Valley acts Black Carl, Yourchestra, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Janis Joplin Crap N Vomit.

Saturday, July 12: I attended one of the weekly showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Chandler Cinemas. You can read more about my experiences there in my upcoming “Niki at Nite” column in the July 24 issue, but for now, check out the Chandler Cinemas MySpace page (linked above). The theatre -- which hosts Rocky Horror every Saturday, as well as a slew of cult classics, B-movies, exploitation, and horror films -- is completely independent, and hurting financially right now. Give ‘em a hand if you can, and enjoy some alternative cinema while you’re at it.

Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sunday, July 13: I was a guest on “The Lopsided World of L” radio show on 98 KUPD. Veteran deejay Jonathan L asked me to co-host the show with him, as the theme was “Women on Top (pause) All Around the World.” I brought in tracks by Tegan & Sara, X-Ray Spex, Patti Smith Group, 12 Rounds, Hole, Mary Prankster, The Butchies, Bantam, Black Carl, and more, and we were joined in the studio by Nicole from local garage band The Love Me Nots. The Love Me Nots have a new album, Detroit, coming out August 1, and I got to hear four new tracks on the show. It’s great stuff. Check out the cover story I wrote about the Love Me Nots, prior to the recording of their first album, In Black & White.

The Love Me Nots

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