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Niki's Weekend Word: Tramps & Thieves, *Sadisco, and down-low debauchery

By Niki D’Andrea

This past weekend was split between work and play. 80 percent of the time, when I go out, I’m out to cover shows and events for this here fine publication. So it was on Friday night, when I drove out to Last Exit Bar & Grill in Tempe for the Tramps & Thieves CD release party. Saturday, I headed to an old haunt, the monthly industrial dance night *Sadisco, at Homme in Central Phoenix. Sunday was spent drinking potent imported liquor at a friend’s house, so we’ll skip that bit (not that I remember a whole lot anyway).

Friday, June 13: Local Americana rockers Tramps & Thieves celebrated the release of their new album, Perennials, at Last Exit Bar & Grill in Tempe. Shelby James & the Crying Shames, and Los Guys were also on the bill. You can read more about the Tramps & Thieves CD release party here.

Los Guys set the stage for Tramps & Thieves.

Saturday, June 14: I headed to Homme on Camelback Road for the monthly *Sadisco event. This industrial/EDM dance night always has some sort of a cool theme, and this Saturday’s theme was “Doppleganger.” Attendees who dressed as “evil twins” received reduced admission, and the inside of the club was littered with homemade face masks of regular *Sadisco scenesters (the idea being you could be someone else for the night). Destroid, Haujobb, and Architect provided sizzling, sinister beats for the bobbing sea of bodies, and the leather-loving crowd was as hot as ever.

The face of local fetish event promoter James Bound adorns a mannequin at *Sadisco.

A picture of someone taking a picture.

The crowd at *Sadisco is always ready and willing to get their groove on.

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