Niki's Weekend Word: Tranzylvania, and Eartha Kitt

By Niki D'Andrea

With gas hitting $4 a gallon, I’m loathe to drive too far from my usual haunts (north Phoenix and downtown Phoenix) lately, but I did manage to hit a metaphorical bat cave and see a Catwoman this weekend, all in the ‘hood.

Friday, May 30: Dressed up in black vinyl pants and a yellow and black striped, military-looking shirt. I picked up my date, and she was wearing a yellow and black plaid minidress with combat boots. We were going for the “casual goth” look, I guess (at least I was), but totally hadn’t planned the color coordination, which is so not goth.

Nobody cared at the place where we went, though – which was Tranzylvania (“Tranz”), a weekly gothic/industrial/EBM dance night at Club Palazzo on Central. One of the things I’ve always loved about this night (which has been going strong for three years) is the lack of pretension. People wear everything from black lace ball gowns to red vinyl bodysuits to jeans and T-shirts, and nobody gives a crap. Tranz is the only club night I’ve been to where people dance by themselves and totally get into it. The atmosphere is perfect – creepy castle/bordello decor with DJs spinning throbbing, trance-like mixes of old school goth (Siouxsie Sioux, Concrete Blonde) to newer industrial stuff like VNV Nation and Pitchfork Playground.

The place doesn’t really start filling up until about 11, but Palazzo’s sandwiched on the strip between posh gay lounge Amsterdam and red-hot Latino nightspot Club Dwntwn, and you can always catch a crowd at either place.

Groovy goth nights bite (in a good way) at Tranzylvania.

Saturday, May 31: I attended a concert at Phoenix Symphony Hall for the first time, because the legendary Eartha Kitt was performing with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. You can read my review of that show here. You can also check the June 12 print issue for my take on the show in "Niki at Nite."

I’m taking next weekend to run away to the mountains, but Phoenix New Times Clubs Editor Benjamin Leatherman will be painting the town black and blue, and pitch-hitting for me on Monday. So check the Weekend Word on June 9 to see what sort of havoc and happenings he encounters.

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