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Nikka Costa @ The Roxy Lounge

Child stars get a bad rap. Sure, many become damaged, ruined by mothers like those on Toddlers and Tiaras, but Nikka Costa's father, Don Costa, didn't exactly thrust his daughter into the spotlight. Don, a record producer best known for his work with Frank Sinatra, knew music was in her blood. At the ripe age of 5, Nikka Costa began her career in music by recording a single with Hawaiian singer Don Ho. At 9, she performed a duet with Sinatra on the lawn of the White House. The resulting self-confidence must have been enough to keep Costa from stumbling down the Danny Bonaduce path. Costa parlayed the boost into a career as a blue-eyed soul songstress. Her 2001 album, Everybody Got Their Something, was successful because of the title track and the hyper-marketable "Like a Feather," with its downbeat rhythms and racy music video, which featured Costa in a long, draped top that left little to the imagination. Perhaps she can thank her father and double-sided tape for her initial success, but that girlish voice combined with her knack for sweet soul has a way of making you forget her fortunate past.

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Christina Caldwell