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Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction Tour Conquers the Internet

A funny thing happened while scouring the interwebs today: a ton of noise is being made about the forthcoming Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction tour that rolls through Phoenix on May 15. Three different sites I looked at all had a different story about either act on the tour. Billboard is covering Perry Farrell and his excitement over new Jane's Addiction songs. Stereogum is discussing Trent Reznor and his dissing of Prince in a Q&A he held with a fan. Rolling Stone is all flustered over Tom Morello and his Street Sweeper Social Club's suprise gig opening for the Roots last night in New York City. It's safe to say that this NIN/JA tour, as the kids are calling it, is doing all the right things and making all sorts of good headlines.

It's a smart move by all three acts involved in the tour to get their name out there like this before the thing gets going in West Palm Beach this Friday. It's also kind of odd that all three would be making such noise like this on the same day. Obviously, Street Sweeper Social Club's surprise gig is the coolest news of the bunch, but Trent Reznor knows how to ruffle some feathers, and his dissing of Prince, not to mention Rivers Cuomo, is a fine example of this. Perry Farrell, on the other hand, loves to talk about anything Perry Farrell-related, so his story is just another in the long line of bloated Jane's Addiction talk going around.

At any rate, this NIN/JA tour that will rock the 'Nix does boast an impressive lineup and quite the bang for your $25 bucks, that being the cheapest price for a ticket. I knew Nine Inch Nails was coming through town, but all this media swarm today has made me acutely aware of what awaits Valley fans a week from this Friday.

The 2009 NIN/JA Tour will play the Cricket Wireless Pavillion Friday May 15. Tickets and show info can be found here.

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Michael Lopez