No Doubt, Fun., Pool Parties and Taylor Swift Over the (Memorial Day) Weekend

Girl Power: Females Flock to Cricket Wireless Pavilion for No Doubt and Paramore Right now my ears are ringing something fierce after enduring a non-stop auditory assault of thousands of tweens and teenyboppers girls screaming in absolute elation during No Doubt and Paramore's show at Cricket Wireless Pavilion on Saturday night. Girl power was in full effect, as roughly two-thirds of the near-sellout crowd was made up of chickadees that turned out en masse to get their fill of female-fronted pop music. And Lord, did their lungs get a workout, shrieking like they were in the audience for The Ed Sullivan Show on February 7, 1964...full story

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Half The Format Still Pretty "fun." At The Clubhouse It's the one moment where nearly every eye in the sold-out and gooey-hot Clubhouse was turned toward the stage. No chatting, no sipping, no texting, just singing, clapping, and screaming as "fun." the Brooklyn-based project of former Format frontman Nate Ruess, played his old band's biggest hit, "The First Single."...full story

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Club Candids: Adult Swim and Star Swim Kick Off Wyndham Hotel Pool Parties All children need to exit the pool immediately--this is an Adult Swim. Last year's poolside bash at the Hotel San Carlos has moved to the Wyndham, where droves of otherwise night-owl types let their tattoos and piercings glisten in the sun while slinging back cocktails and Pabst (much like they did at the bar 12 hours ago, chances are).

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Taylor Swift Sweet as Sugar at Glendale Show Country star Taylor Swift has to be the coolest 19-year-old who admittedly didn't have any friends in junior high. Now, she has famous friends like Garth Brooks and Miley Cyrus define the word "fearless" -- also the title of her latest album -- in a pre-show video. She rocks the acoustic guitar and sings teen-ready anthems so sweet it'll cause cavities. But underneath, the leggy blonde is still a music nerd at heart and the 15,000 or so kids in the audience of her show May 21, 2009, at Arena could relate to her tunes of broken hearts and crushes...full story

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Jonathan McNamara