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​It goes without saying that fuzz is gonna be hitting Valley streets en masse tonight, enforcing our states fearsome DUI laws and hunting down anyone who's idiotic enough to get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks at local bars and clubs tonight.

(It even brings to mind Ernie Hudson's humorous line from The Crow: "So many cops, you'd think they givin' away donuts!")

Unless you're the sort of foolhardy daredevil who enjoys risking the lives of both yourself and others -- not to mention a very expensive trip to the Fourth Avenue Jail in downtown Phoenix -- check out the following suggestions on how to get home safely tonight without incident.

(And forget about relying on the Twittersphere to determine where the checkpoints are, as not even the most instantaneous Tweets can keep up with every single po-po on the road.)

You can thank us tomorrow.

7. METRO Light Rail
Just like it did a year ago during New Year's Eve, the Valley's light rail service will be in operation until around 3 a.m., an hour after last call occurs. While this leaves anyone not in close proximity to a station (read: Scottsdale) outta luck, inebriated revelers in either Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe can catch a late-night train ride to and from the bars and clubs.

Cost: $1.75 for a three-hour ride pass.

6. Taxi Cabs
New Year's Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year for P-Town hacks, and with good reason. Patrons pile into the back seats of their cabs in nearly non-stop fashion from 6 p.m. until around 4 a.m., dropping greenbacks to get to their chosen destinations. There are dozens of taxi services in the PHX, but the following companies offer free rides back to your car the morning after with a paid fare the night before.

AAA Yellow Cab: 602-252-2000
All-State Cab: 602-275-8888‎
Checker Cab: 602-257-1818
Discount Cab: 602-200-2000

Cost: Varies per destination, but averages around $20-$30.

5. Old Town Scottsdale's Golf Carts:
These motorized mini-cars have been buzzing around the streets of the East Valley nightlife Mecca over the past few months, offering rides between nearby clubs. If you happen to live in Old Town, they'll also give you a ride home. Here are numbers for two of the companies in operation:

Bunny Rides: 602-405-2106 (Runs from 4 p.m.-3 a.m.)
Swift Rides: 602-909-2288 (Runs from 9 p.m.-3 a.m.)

Cost: Free, although gratuities are appreciated.

4. Bar Buses:
A few establishments will not only provide patrons with alcohol, they'll also give 'em a ride home to boot. The Vig (4041 North 40th Street, 602-553-7227) will offer its "Vig Rig" service to customers from nearby neighborhoods, as will O'Kelley's (2120 West Guadalupe Rd., Mesa, 480-756-6069). Meanwhile, after-hours spot Afterlife (4282 North Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, 480-264-8300) will be running shuttle service to the dorms of ASU every 30 minutes.

Cost: Free.

3. Walking:
C'mon, it's not that bad of an option. Plus, you can burn off all that excess alcohol.

Cost: Free, yo.

2. Ride Home Services:
Rather not ditch your ride in some random parking lot? Here are three P-Town companies that dispatch drivers or tow trucks to get both you and your vehicle home safe and sound. It sure beats having to get the car outta impound, that's for damn sure.

DD 24-7: 888-247-3330 (Runs round the clock)
How It Works: This service (which stands for "Designated Drivers 24-7") offers a two-pronged approach to getting y'all home safe and sound: The first choice involves a pair of drivers traveling to you within 30 minutes, followed by one cat driving your car home while the other follows behind. (They'll even pick up some of your pals or hit a drive thru if you so desire.) The second option involves a flatbed trunk transporting your ride to a specified location.

Cost: Memberships offer unlimited rides throughout they Valley and are available for $50 per month (although drivers also require a minimum gratuity of at least $40).

The Drunk Drivers: 480-266-2020 (Runs from 2 p.m.-3 a.m.)
How It Works: Operating in select East Valley cities only (with a service area stretching from south of the Carefree Highway to north of Chandler Boulevard, between the Piestewa Freeway and the easternmost part of Loop 202), this company sends fully-insured -- and fully-sober -- drivers to whatever drinking spot you might be at.

Cost: $30 for a pick-up and the first 10 miles, with each additional mile being only $2.50.

Zingo AZ: 877-663-8429 (Runs from 8 p.m.-3 a.m.)
How It Works: Similar to the previous two services, albeit with Zingo drivers riding foldable scooters (which fit in any trunk) to select areas of Tempe, Scottsdale, and CenPho, and the hopping behind the wheel of your hoopty while you're tucked away in the passenger seat.
Cost: $25 for a pick-up and $3 for each mile. (Memberships are also available for $99-$199 offering reduced costs for pick-ups and mileage).

1. Stay at Home:
Duh. It's the simplest solution. Hit up your local liquor for a few six-packs and a fifth of ol' Grandad and stage your own private celebration. Nuff said.

Cost: The price of whatever booze you pick up.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.