Club Candids

North Side Nookie Market

Sometimes a night out in Scottsdale with all things shiny and plastic is just what we need. The hordes of twentysomething bronzed babes and stylish studs remind us that the singles scene is alive, thriving and definitely doable. On Saturday, December 2, e4 Nightclub and Lounge hooked up with Energy 92.7 to host "The Beat Before Christmas" holiday happening. The event was so hot that blondes in short skirts and knee-high boots froze their tight asses off as they lined up outside to get into the small, chic club.

Hot-bodied dancers decked out in abominable snowman bikini wear wiggled their toned torsos to beats provided by DJs Gabriel and Dresden, and live performances by Amber, Danielle Bollinger and Ultranate. The eye candy did the trick as dudes flocked to the floor, craning their necks to sneak a peek up the fuzzy miniskirts.

With the dance floor full of shiny shirts and fake tits, the masses spilled over into the lounge where the squishy seating and quiet atmosphere gave way to drunken conversation and relaxation. The night was sexy, swanky, and so very Scottsdale.

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Lilia Menconi
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