Not Ovah Yet: Following the Downtown Drama on Twitter

Not Ovah Yet: Following the Downtown Drama on Twitter

Quick synopsis: I wrote a column saying CenPho's music scene was dying as Tempe rises up, a bunch of people freaked out, someone even printed an ironic t-shirt mocking my column. The situation blew up over the weekend (we hear reports of "Fuck Martin Cizmar!" Fuck New Times!" and "Downtown is Not Dead!" being screamed from the stage at Shizzfest this weekend). Here's the drama as reported by several dozen Phoenicians on phones.

emiroo: I ordered mine... have YOU? :) RT @DowntownIsOVAH Please RT! Downtown is "Ovah!" Not so fast...

moderncollins: Hoping Back Ted N-Ted will change "War Is Over" to "Downtown is Ovah"

DowntownIsOVAH: RT: @weissguy Maybe instead of new support slogan Downtown Is Ovah we should actually be saying Downtown is Ovum to honor its gestation?

JacquiD: hahahaha!! looove it! RT @jose602: "DOWNTOWN IS OVAH!" t-shirts! (expand) Also, (expand) #LOLoutloud #PHX #music

DrStringfellow: was gonna go to sleep but then i got caught up in the "down town is OVAH" twitter war between @martincizmar and @moderncollins

AudraSEvans: @DowntownIsOVAH I JUST came from downtown! I can't believe none of that stuff was actually there!! Downtown is Ovah!

silverplatter: Far from ovah! New youtube videos from Shizzfest 2(FFOYA, Snow Songs, Platypus Egg, AAJ, more.) & Fishbone/Black Carl from Yucca! check it!
henri_ng: Downtown Phx is ovah??? You got to be kidding. I had been uploaded tons of new videos for Silverplatter today..its far from being over.

RailLife: Thanks @sirobins for the heads up... over? it ain't over till' we say it's "Ovah!"

catrinaknoebl: @psykosteve Huh? Who is saying "Downtown is Ovah"...?

psykosteve: For everyone who says "Downtown is Ovah" RT @dtphxjournal new tenants in the Roosevelt neighborhood's historic Gold Spot



Here is my response to the article in the Phoenix New Times by Martin Cizmar:


im never reading @phoenixnewtimes or any lame arizona rag ever!that dogshit is run by senior citizen nazis and corporate indie rock clones


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