Not Quite the PLUG Awards, but...

Chase and his cronies at

Bad Stain Records

have posted up this year's nominees for the unfortunately named Arizona Ska-Punk Awards (although I know the contraction's snuck its way into common vernacular, I just think that "ska-punk" is a stupid fucking term).

Nonetheless, it is an interesting democratic you-pick-the-winner contest, and it's always interesting to see who's voted in for what category. The nominees are listed here; the actual awards ceremony is sometime after the 2/28 deadline at the clubhouse. these are a few of the more interesting categories, just to give you a taste:

BEST ALBUM: Zombeast - S/T Sigma - Violence Speaks Louder Than Words And the Hero Fails - Empire Smile Parkway Wretch - Homesick Job for a Cowboy - Doom

BEST EMO GROUP: De Sole' Dear and the Headlights Lydia Goodbye Tomorrow Movie Script Ending

BEST VIDEO: My Doll - Time The Dames - Boys and Booze Job For A Cowboy - Entombment Of A Machine Sigma - The Grass Is Greener Sigma - God Hates Flags

LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Sid Copeland Will Anderson Tyler King Leslie Barton Kimber Lanning

Alright, I confess, I started choking/laughing my ass off when I saw Tyler King nominated for lifetime achievement; he's also up for best promoter, that one makes a little more sense...


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