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Nothing Not New: Podcast #10

Oh, how we've missed podcasting to the music fans of the Valley. Well, music editor Martin Cizmar and I are back with a new one, with nine new-ish songs and lotsa banter about music, including the artistic achievements of Sufjan Stevens, a great new song by local band Gospel Claws, what's the best-ever Old 97's album, the merits of Elvis Costello's career, post-My Aim Is True, and much, much more dialogue you didn't know you could live without.

Here's the playlist:

Kelley Stoltz: "Keeping the Flame" Matt & Kim: "Ice Melts" The 88: "Dead on the Water" Gospel Claws: "Summer Nights Lakeside" Warpaint: "Set Your Arms Down" Screaming Females: "Boss" Old 97s: "Let the Whiskey Take the Reins" Elvis Costello: "A Slow Drag with Josephine" Sufjan Stevens: "Get Real Get Right"

Listen to the podcast



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