Nothing Not New: Podcast #2

Nothing Not New: Podcast #2

The best thing about tag-teaming the recording of a podcast is finding out things about your co-host. Turns out Martin's got a long-standing dislike of the actress and singer Zooey Deschanel. I liked her record as one-half of the pop throwback duo She & Him, and I'm playing a song from their new records on this podcast. Read the rest of the playlist after the jump.

1. "I'm in Love with Destruction" -- Let's Wrestle

2. "Camera Talk" -- Local Natives
3. "In the Sun" -- She & Him
4. "Titus Andronicus Forever" -- Titus Andronicus
5. "All Day Daylight" --- The Morning Benders
6. "Maneater" -- The Bird & the Bee
7. "The Ghost Inside" -- Broken Bells
8. "21st Century" -- Locksley
9. "Laugh at Sex, Not Her" -- The Strange Boys
10. "Woke Up Near Chelsea" -- Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

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You can listen to the first Nothing Not New podcast, from March 18, here


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