Nothing Not New: Podcast #5

They said it couldn't be done. Nothing Not New is well into its fifth month. That's something like 100 records that I've listened to so far. That's a lot of songs, and here are 11 more standouts from the past four-plus months.

On this podcast, music editor Martin Cizmar and I discuss old-timers like Merle Haggard and Roky Erickson, his love for Apples in Stereo, and tons of other fascinating topics currently gripping the world of indie music. 

Check out this week's playlist and the link to the show after the jump.

1. Cornershop: "Who Fingered Rock 'n' Roll"

2. Apples in Stereo: "Dignified Dignitary"
3. Gemma Ray: "Put the Bolt in the Door"
4. Shapiro: "All Things Around the Sun"
5. Harlan T. Bobo: "Sweet Life"
6. Unnatural Helpers: "Claim It Mine"
7. Merle Haggard: "I've Seen It Go Away"
8. Roky Erickson: "Goodbye Sweet Dreams"
9. April Smith: "Wow and Flutter"
10. Watson Twins: "Savin' You"
11. Freedy Johnston: "Don't Fall in Love with a Lonely Girl"

Check out the show


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