Nothing Not New: Podcast #8

Music editor Martin Cizmar and I are back with another podcast, in which we discuss the overratedness of The Gaslight Anthem, the bleak Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse collaboration, my failed attempt at concert promoting, the return of Crowded House, and a bunch of other stuff that you didn't even realize you needed to know.

Some mention is given to
this here segment

that KJZZ put together on Nothing Not New in July. 

Here's the playlist, and the link to the podcast is after the jump.

1. Mystery Jets: "Serotonin"
2. Authority Zero: "The New Pollution"
3. The Gaslight Anthem: "Stay Lucky"
4. The Roots: "Dear God 2.0"
5. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse: "Dark Night of the Soul"
6. Katzenjammer: "Demon Kitty Rag"
7. The Goodnight Loving: "The Pan"
8. Crowded House: "Saturday Sun"



to open a new window and listen to the podcast.

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