Now Closed: Drinx in Scottsdale

There ain't any more drinks getting poured at Drinx in Scottsdale, as the Stetson Drive bar has apparently rolled up the welcome mat for good.

Folks at few nearby businesses, who asked to remain anonymous, gave me the lowdown on the establishment's demise, and it wasn't a very happy story. Drinx reportedly shut down the night before New Year's Eve, they say, and its employees weren't aware of the situation until they showed up and found the doors locked.


Even if Drinx was hurting for business (which its neighbors told me was the case) its proprietors would've at least stayed open one more night to cash in on the drunken throng of New Years revelers who flocked to Old Town Scottsdale.

Guess not.

So what's the ultimate fate of the property going to be? According to one Valley nightlife blog, Skin Cabaret owner Todd Borowsky has purchased the place with the rumored intent of re-opening it as a Coyote Ugly-style joint within the next few months. (Calls to Borowsky on the matter were unreturned). 

Hopefully chicks dancing on bars will prove to be more successful than Drinx was.

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