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Noxious Of AZ: The Rapper's Rapper

Title: The Rapper's Rapper

Basics: You Asked For It gets hip hop this time around, compliments of champion of all things Arizona, Noxious of AZ. I will admit that this album -- Noxious' first of two albums released in 2010 -- was pretty damn difficult to listen to. The asinine, 8-second skits and Noxious' vocal style made for a pretty rough go of things, and that's putting it nicely. Not putting it nicely? The dude sounds like if Weird Al Yankovic and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants had a baby, and that baby loved to profanely rap about his penis.

Best Song: The chorus of "Not Trying To Fit In" is one of the more enjoyable moments on the album. The song also helps explain how it is Noxious comes to rap like he does -- he's not trying to fit in. This is a good thing, because I've heard some local, AZ hip hop and it's not just some regional thing where every MC raps like he's getting his nuts stomped on. Noxious' nasally, goofy rapping style kind of makes me yearn for the more subtle stylings of Tay Zonday.

Worst Song: So, so many to choose from. The early leader in the clubhouse was the informative "Real-Dic-U-Lust," followed closely by "The Rapper's Rapper," featuring this winner of a line: "Like a Catholic minister / You'll get raped when I preach." Now I know the Catholic church is an easy target these days, but I don't think that's how their priests went about their business. If they were guilty of any wrong-doing, I can assure you those guilty priests did their molesting behind closed doors. Penetrating young children in front of their congregation wasn't part of their homily.

But I digress. "Ponzi" has to be the worst song on the album. It joins the dubious ranks of "Post-Boom Babies" and "Coffee Eyes" as being a YAFI song with some of the worst subject matter ever imaginable. The song starts off with a message from Noxious to his listeners, "There seems to be an overwhelming need to cover a topic that may not be considered the most riveting of all." First of all, no there doesn't. Secondly, don't damn your own song within the first five seconds. Telling everyone you're about to rap about something boring is probably not the best way to get things going. Yet, there it goes -- "Ponzi" is 5 minutes of Noxious rapping about pyramid schemes.

Suggestions: If you're going to rap about Bernie Madoff, make sure it's at least somewhat timely. Madoff plead guilty in March of last year. The Rapper's Rapper came out in April of this year. An easy way to avoid this confusion is to not record a song about ponzi schemes altogether. I haven't heard Noxious' second album from 2010, but releasing two albums in the same year says, "Well, that first album was garbage, let me try to smooth things out by releasing some more music seven months later." Also, there is an MC -- in the state of Arizona -- that goes by Knox. I wouldn't shorten my name to "Nox," as Noxious is so fond of doing.

Grade: D

Bonus Video: Don't let me sway your intentions about Noxious. Here's a video of "The Rapper's Rapper." Enjoy:

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