Title: Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas

Numbers On Napkins: Borrachos, Chingasos Y Rucas

Basics: How about some good ol' fashioned AZ punk, compliments of local quartet Numbers On Napkins. Lead by the prolific Chase Stain, Borrachos was produced by Joe Queer of, oddly enough, The Queers while being engineered by Landmine Marathon's Ryan Butler.

That's a pretty impressive pedigree for Numbers On Napkins and their latest effort. So how does it all add up?

Best Song: "Forget This, I'm Going To Tokyo" was the leader from the get-go. I just wish they would have put this song first on the album, but we'll get to that song later. "Forget This" is a perfect punk song with just the right amount of pop thrown in for good measure. They keep things pretty damn simple, and that's a plenty good thing. The song sound slick and polished, another plus considering that Joe Queer has quite a pedigree in the pop punk world. Leading off the song with Stain's thumping bass line is a bold move for a punk band, but damn if they don't make it work.

Worst Song: That aforementioned first song on the album, "Summer of Chase" is a goofy little throwaway song. It would have been fine buried at the end of the album, but instead it leads things off. I had never heard NoN's music before listening to Borrachos, and upon hearing "Summer of Chase," I was decidedly hesitant. Thank god the rest of the album is nowhere near as slow and clunky as the song. Lyrics like "Relax / Cold beer in my hand / I'm smokin' a smoke / With my sunglasses on" dabble on the border of cringeworthy. I know cigarettes are often referred to as "smokes," but come on now -- "smokin' a smoke?" What the hell else are you going to do, chew it?

Suggestions: What was wrong with the band's former name Yars Revenge? I personally love that name, having played the game extensively in my youth. I'm sure copyright issues may have put a wrench in those plans, but I still think the name could have worked. Also, we all dearly miss the National Lacrosse League in Arizona, but wearing not one, but two different Arizona Sting shirts in pictures for the CD insert is a bit overkill, NoN drummer Tad Gurthman.

Grade: B-

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