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It's not bad enough that frat-rock pioneers Of a Revolution — known worldwide by their cringe-inducing acronym O.A.R. — are descending upon the Valley to appease the willing masses with their divinely bland style of bastardized college rock. No, they feel the need to play at the TPC Scottsdale. Yes: O.A.R. is playing at a golf course in Scottsdale. I cannot believe that I am actually forced to write that sentence. The band knows exactly what it is doing. It's as if it is trying to emulate Dave Matthews Band and establish the TPC Scottsdale as its Red Rocks. It's not entirely all their fault that Scottsdale is more that accommodating for such an underwhelming concert experience. However, I'm sure O.A.R. has been jonesing to play a golf course for quite some time now. By playing at TPC Scottsdale, O.A.R. is taking their fans — who already dress in some form of appropriate golf attire — and making them feel right at home by letting them rock out to their awful music on a golf course. It's all well and good, though. You might as well let the Abercrombie & Fitch set have their cake and eat it, too.
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Michael Lopez