Obama Believes Bob Dylan to be Skeptical About White House Gig

President Obama said Bob Dylan was skeptical about a recent performance at the White House, according to NME.

Dylan did not ask for a meet and greet with Obama, nor did he ask to take a picture with the President or even rehearse at the White House before his show. Artists who are invited to perform for him typically do all of those things, Obama said. Dylan simply came, played "The Times They Are A-Changing," shook Obama's hand, and left.

The President mentioned how brief his interaction with Dylan was, noting that Dylan approached him, shook his hand and smiled, and that was it. Then he added that he was content with Dylan's self conduct. First Obama calls Dylan skeptical as though he is displeased, and then all of a sudden he spins the situation around and tries to justify Dylan's introverted behavior? Make up your mind, Barack.

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