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Of free lunches and insider shows

Tempe's "Burrito Brothers" (Chelsea Ide, December 16) in Bluewall Audience will soon be strutting across their high school campuses rocking Chipotle Mexican Grill backpacks. The five teenagers have been using the burrito joint as a spot to conduct official business with their record label, as long as Turnpike Records has footed the bill. Well, Bluewall Audience no longer needs to find excuses to meet with the label to scarf down a meal, because the company's marketing director contacted the hardcore band about a sponsorship after she read the New Times article, bassist Adam Eljof says.

The band couldn't turn down a deal from the restaurant it's obsessed with. In exchange for $800 worth of burritos (surely enough to feed five teenage boys for a month or two) and some new threads -- shirts, sweatshirts and backpacks emblazoned with the eatery's logo -- Bluewall Audience played the grand opening of the first freestanding Chipotle in Goodyear on January 7. The sponsorship has Eljof's head spinning. He says it's simply the coolest thing that's ever happened to him.

You know that song "Coin-Operated Boy"? Sure you do -- the Edge 103.9 plays it all the time. Well, the band responsible for the catchy tune, Boston's Dresden Dolls, is hitting up The Sets in Tempe on January 25. Besides its heavy-rotation single, the enigmatic, quirky synth-punk duo of pianist Amanda Palmer and drummer Brian Viglione is creating a buzz with live performances that blend cabaret and vaudeville theater. A show like that shouldn't be missed.

There's a catch, though. The only way to get tickets to the Dresden Dolls show is by belonging to the Edge's mailing list, known as Edge Insiders. All members will get an e-mail on January 17 with an RSVP link for the show, and the first 300 people to sign up will get a pair of tickets. For a chance at getting tickets for the intimate Dresden Dolls set, surf over to, sign up for Edge Insiders, and watch your inbox for the skinny on Dolls tickets.

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