Last month Pitchfork broke news that hardcore punk super-group OFF! were facing charges in Arizona for the alleged theft of vegetable oil from an unidentified restaurant in the state. 

The band's eco-friendly tour van runs on vegetable waste, and the band were set to stand trial today for allegedly taking oil without permission, which, by the way, is the punkest way to obtain fuel for your green-minded tour van.

According to the band's publicist, Trevor de Brauw, the charges were dropped before the trial, and the band's tour (including a stop at Coachella) is scheduled to continue as planned.

Tour dates (none in Arizona) and the tune "Upsidedown" after the break. 

OFF! Arizona Charges Dropped: Hardcore Super-group OFF! the Hook for Alleged Oil Theft

April 17 - Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Indio, CA
April 21 - SF Eagle - San Francisco, CA
April 22 - 924 Gilman - Berkeley, CA ˆ
April 23 - East End - Portland, OR
April 24 - Neumo's - Seattle, WA
April 25 - Fortune Sound Club - Vancouver, BC

Upsidedown by OFF

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