Oh No...

oh%20nos.jpg Last weekend's Casket Life/Liar's Handshake/The Revenge show at the Yucca was completely out of control, just like I expected. It was the first time I'd seen the Revenge before, and goddamn do they bring the punk rock. Homeboy was swinging from the PA's mounted to the ceiling, the guitar player crowdsurfed while he played, my broken wrist got slammed around trying to walk from the bathroom to the bar through the mini-pit in front of the stage (not much room for anything but a mini-pit at the Yucca). Excellent shit, especially when Casket Life frontman Ben Barnes' birthday cake was loaded with fireworks and rushed to the stage during Liar's Handshake.

Previous obligations kept me from going back the next night to see Thee Oh No's, but their bass player, Sumo Oh No, told me on Sunday that the cords and boards were still mucked with cake. It was chocolate, so you can guess what his first assumption was when he wiped his finger across the sound board and hesitated before sniffing it. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to compensate tonight and go see Thee Oh No's, local ski-masked garage rockin' heroes, play at Hollywood Alley with Silent Treatment and the Pugilistics. You should go too.

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