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Ohmega Watts

At 25, Milton Campbell is a generation between generations. The Flatbush, Brooklyn, native known as Ohmega Watts borrows the beat structures and b-boy swagger of predecessors -- you could easily believe The Find was released in '95 as much as '05. The producer/MC is accustomed to living between worlds, crafting intelligent, insightful lyrics as easily as graphic designs (his other passion). You get the feeling that these 21 tracks are a mere month in his vast headspace; you simply know he is a creative crate-digger, seeking nostalgia to twist it anew. The Pete Rock analogy is too easy, but for reason: It's on point. The throwback feel of "Mind Power" and funked flexing "Where It All Started" could have been crafted by Rakim. The entire cadence on The Find hits the heart level, thumping with warm bass and smooth kick; it has the conscious-raising ideals of West Coast rhymers and keeps the punch of his hometown. The Marvin Gaye "Who's the Man?" guitar/synth vibe on "Your Love," in which Watts steps aside and lets Tiffany Simpson control the mic, is a great indication of the communal vibe. The Find is a family affair, and, more important, it's one you'll have no problem joining.
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Derek Beres