On the Way Towards Memorial Day with Drunken Immortals, Attack of the Giant Squid, and more

By Brendan Joel Kelley D%20I%2007.jpgDrunken Immortals

I ran into a dude who calls himself Letscherous Larry (yeah, it's spelled wrong, but that's how he spells it) recently, and he hit me off with a numbered "magic ticket" for a party he's throwing at the Phix on Sunday, May 27. He promises loads of booze, roller derby girls (um, yuck), and performances by Drunken Immortals, Attack of the Giant Squid, Workingman's Grass, the Strange Family Circus, and more. The party kicks off at 4:20 (strangely enough), and I'm assuming there'll be tickets for sale at the venue. If not, you can try calling Letsch at 480.343.8648; he promises it'll be the party of the year - I guess we'll find out.

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