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One Dead in Glendale Nightclub Shooting

Gunfire erupted inside a Glendale bar and nightclub over the weekend, resulting in the shooting death of one patron and the injuring of another.

An after-hours altercation between patrons in the early morning hours on Saturday, August 8, at La Sierra Nightclub and Kanta Bar in Glendale turned deadly after one individual used a firearm.

According to both police and media reports, tempers flared during an argument that occurred after closing time at the nightclub, which is located near Northern and 50th avenues. The situation quickly escalated into violence, Glendale police official stated, forcing a club employee to intercede in the matter and break up the fight.

Manuel Ardite, a 27-year-old patron involved in the dispute, then reportedly pulled a gun and opened fire, wounding the patron who also was involved in the argument.

An armed security guard at the club, who has been identified as Anthony Hermanowicz, responded by shooting Ardite. He was gravely wounded when officers from the Glendale Police Department arrived in response to the altercation and later died at the scene. His victim, who has not been identified as of this writing, fled the scene and was later transported to an area hospital to be treated for his injuries.

A search of Maricopa County Superior Court records did not reveal any prior convictions or criminal incidents in Ardite's past.

New Times was unable to reach anyone at the nightclub for further comment on the matter.
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