Other People's Blogs: Diddy's Twitter Troubles, New MS Zune, Coats and Villa, H.O.V.A.'s Secrets

Idolator: Diddy Hoping That The Power Of Prayer Will Help People Forgive Him For The Whole Ma$e Thing
Zia Records: Jay Bennett (1963 - 2009) "Whatever Happened, I'm Sorry" --- by Matthew Reveles
Waved Rumor: The Thermals/Shaky Hands, Rhythm Room, Phoenix
Spin: What Jay Bennett's Death Made Me Realize About Wilco
Electric Mustache: Listen To This: Coats and Villa
Idolator: The Zune HD: Ooh, It's So Shiny
NME: Kanye West reveals secrets of Jay-Z's 'The Blueprint 3'


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