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Out of Reverie Tour: Day 5

Out of Reverie finally played a show today. After days of inactivity, the guys killed it at a house show in Eugene. The promoter for the Eugene Underground show up-and-disappeared and a friend stepped in to give us a place to play. We woke up at Jake's family farm in...

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Out of Reverie finally played a show today.

After days of inactivity, the guys killed it at a house show in Eugene. The promoter for the Eugene Underground show up-and-disappeared and a friend stepped in to give us a place to play.

We woke up at Jake's family farm in Northern California and the fresh air and hospitality set us off on the right foot. The day felt good from the beginning and it was a good omen for the rest of the day (and night) to come.

When Rene told his friend Nic that we couldn't play Oregon because of the dropped show, Nic told us that he would do anything he could to get the band to the show. In the spirit of that commitment, Nic offered up his huge house--built in the 1800s--as a venue.

And it ended up being a super fun night. We drove through winding green mountains and hills to make it to the house and Eugene really showed up for the band. Nic had his friends come to the house for the party and a few of the kids genuinely enjoyed the set. The boys played hard and the energy could be felt throughout the house.

Local rapper Remy Rock couldn't get enough of the jams and donated a couple bucks towards our gas fund. A few others came up to let the guys know that they genuinely enjoyed the music and the band deserves to be heard.

They even played a cover of "Where Is My Mind" by The Pixies and, despite the age of the crowd, found that everyone there loved it.

The set could not have ended more perfectly, too. Right as the guys started up with "Can You Hear Me Now, Charlie Brown" the room suddenly cleared out. We thought it was kind of weird, but they kept on playing. That is, until one of the guys who came out to the show came back inside to tell us that cops had arrived to shut us down.

Standard noise complaint. Out of Reverie just rocks too hard for some of the folks in Eugene, I guess.

The support and praise doled out by the audience made this the best show by far on the tour and cemented Eugene, Oregon as one of the legends in Out of Reverie lore. The way the locals showed up for a band from one thousand miles away forever put the guys in their debt.

The girls danced. The guys bobbed their heads. Everyone came out and gave a little of what they had to some band they had never heard of.

The guys even managed to sell a few shirts to get us a couple of more miles along on he tour.

It was nice to see a few new people look legitimately impressed when they heard Out of Reverie. The crowd seemed genuinely pleased with the sound and I think that Eugene will be a solid stomping ground for the band in the future.

After the show we wandered the city a bit. We had a few drinks and our hosts showed us a few of the more popular sights.

I even managed to stumble upon a Greek pita place and grab a lamb Sharma. I hope I don't regret that in the morning.

The events of the night made the all day drive we went through worth it.

We drove six hours from Corning, California in order to play for a house show in Eugene. The twists and turns of the drive made it a little stressful and little unnerving but it was beautiful at the same time.

The mountains and trees and rivers were things we don't see south of Prescott, so it was really refreshing to drive through an entire state populated by the stuff. For a van full of guys who had not been north of Los Angeles, the new experience was worth the wait and the drive.

We even found out about the State of Jefferson. Apparently, there is a tract of land in NorCal where the people would rather form their own state. The citizens of this area are pursuing an Amendment to the Constitution so they can form their own state from lands previously held by California. Even liquor stores support the cause.

We switched drivers so that no one would get too tired (Rene even got his first time behind the wheel and handled it like a champ).

I fell asleep on the bunk and woke up to an argument but the guys managed to work it out amongst themselves before I became too cognizant.

Overall, it was a good day.

We finally got back on the road. The guys played an energetic show. And a crowd showed up looking for a party.

Eugene took a chance on Out of Reverie and, based on the response, loved it. The band introduced itself to a whole new demographic and we met some awesome people along the way.

After the set, we talked to a few of the local kids about life and music and money. We talked about how doing what you love is more important than a paycheck.

I have never been to Eugene before, but you can be sure I will be coming back.

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