Out of Reverie Tour: Day 7

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We had quite a drive yesterday. After a couple of hours of sleep at a friend of mine's house in Seattle, we got up bright and early at 6 a.m. and hit the open road.

I know this might be getting old, but the beginning of the drive was another beautiful one. I guess that's what happens when you drive through a National Forest chock full of green trees, lakes and rivers.

It blew my mind how much green there in almost every direction I looked.

It was truly a weird day. Despite being deprived of sleep, Jake and I managed to split the 500-mile drive between the two of us, by far the most driving we had done at that point in the tour.

The whole drive was a little delirious. We made stupid jokes, tried to sleep and just tried to overcome the lack of sleep.

We made a couple of stops at truck stops and found some treasures, including Secret Mission Squad pellet guns and this gem:

Our situation really made all of us appreciate the people in our lives who let us sleep on their floors and couches. Without them, every drive would be like this. We'd have a couple of hours of sleep in the van at night and then be forced to drive through the tired, sleepy daze.

In other words, we'd probably be dead.

Even the few hours of sleep in Seattle were much appreciated. We were planning on a night drive to Boise, but decided against it at the last minute and my friend immediately gave us a place to crash.

Sadly, all of the work it took to get to Boise did not result in a crowd. Let me preface this by saying that the Boise Venue, its owner and the promoters were amazing. The rest of the city just didn't show up.

The Venue was a really neat space with a lot of open floor for congregating a large stage for the band to rock.

Such is life on the road. Even a great venue or great bands do not guarantee a crowd anymore. Every once in awhile, circumstances just don't click.

We found out from one of the other bands that metal and country kill in Boise--not really Out of Reverie's forte.

It was still a fun night.

The band sold some merch and we all made the best of it.

The guys still managed to go out like rock stars though, blowing out the power in the venue on the last note of the set (the circumstances behind the block-wide outage are unknown, so I am going with the idea that the band blew the house down.

Apparently, in Boise the fire department takes care of these sort of outages. The boys in red showed up and, within an hour or so, the Venue was back up and running.

We also met more great people. The venue's owner wrangled us up some root beer floats during the outage. That sort of genuine niceness can really turn a day in the right direction.

Let me give you guys a little update about what happened in Seattle following the completion of my last blog posts.

So, about two nights ago in Seattle.

After the show at about 11:30, five very hungry manboys (who had not eaten since noon) headed to downtown Seattle to meet up with a friend of mine and grab some grub. While my buddy hung out at Linda's Tavern, we moved across the street to grab a few slices at Mama's Pizza.

The meal started out normal enough. We ate some pizza on the curb outside as one of the guys who worked at the place collected the outdoor tables and chairs to close up for the night.

And that is when the excitement hit. After collecting all of the other chairs, the pizza dude attempted to wake up a man passed out in the last one. He shook him, he talked to him, he shook him again. Nothing.

So, pizza guy number one headed across the street to beckon assistance from a Seattle PD cruiser sitting on the curb and pizza guy number two came out to shake drunk dude some more.

A small crowd gathered and right before the police officer made it all the way across the street, someone shoved drunk dude and he fell straight back, his head striking the ground.

Nothing. Not a wink.

At this point we are fearing for the worst and police officer and pizza guy number two drag the drunk dude to a wall.

After a little prodding, he finally wakes up. He is wasted. An ambulance is called.

Booze-icide averted.

It was quite an evening.

After mellowing out at the bar with my buddy, we headed back to his place for about three hours of sleep before we hit the road for Boise at 6 a.m.

Jake, Rene and Sam then met Denzel Washington a little later in the night. Apparently, the renowned actor is now homeless and living in Seattle. He was fired from every movie set for "trying to make out with the preacher's wife."

I will leave you that.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.