Over the Weekend: Dir en Grey, Deerhunter, Night Train and More

Whoa! A little turkey and merriment and next thing you know it feels like months since we were hitting the blogosphere full force with all the music, arts and culture it can handle. We've got a lot to catch up on: 

Up on the Sun is counting down to the Light Rail opening on December 27 with a massive pub crawl. 28 days, 28 stops, 28 drinks. Not every stop on the 20-mile track will be glamorous. Some will involve drinking things you've never wanted to drink in places you'd rather not be. But, if you want to do a light rail bar crawl the right way, this is your guide. And, hey, you can always skip a few stops. We'll understand. 

Catch the first two stops: Sycamore/Main Street and Price 101 Freeway/Apache

Considering how many Japanese bands have aspired to make it big in America and failed there seem to be a lot actually making it to this side of the Pacific these days. In March we had Maximum The Hormone touring with Dropkick Murphys. Just a month or two ago we had Polysics laying down their zany antics at Clubhouse. Seeing a visual kei band like Dir en Grey at The Marquee seems now more than ever to hint that fans are seeking tunes not just outside of the top 40 but outside of their own countries...full article

The Grinch sped around on a go-kart while Christmas angels distributed candy to crowds gathered for the parade on November 29, 2008

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